Friday, August 16, 2013

Kevin Kubota's Actions V3 Review number 1

Hey all!

I was so thrilled to become a Kevin Kubota affiliate, and even more thrilled when he let me test drive some of his actions!  I picked V3 as my first set to preview, and I've got to say, I'm really thrilled with so many of these that I've got to share some of the results.  I'll have more in another post, so this is just batch #1.

Before you see the images, let me just give you a run down of how easy these are to use.  Kevin has an Action Dashboard that loads your actions every time you open photoshop.  Within his dashboard, you can categorize his actions for easy finding.  Mark some as favorites.  Tag some with the word "wedding".  Tag some with the word "senior".  Or put some in a folder for color effects.  Whatever you want to do.  And Kevin even includes a little sneak preview of the action for you to look at before you apply it.  Nice Touch!  Plus, any actions that you own are automatically added to Kevin's dashboard.  No more hunting for actions!  And his dashboard is free!

Now about the actions.............this is definitely a click and be done situation.  Sometimes I have to reduce the opacity just a bit for my tastes, but mostly, they are great as is!  Not every action looks great with every photo............but there is an action for every photo (does that make sense?).  You can always find an action that improves your image.  And I love how every layer has a mask built in, and you are automatically set to use the black brush just as soon as you run the action.  It's like your PS can read your mind!  And my pics never looked better!  So now, view my first set of samples!

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